Cancer Sampark Setu

Cancer Sampark Setu

Cancer Sampark Setu

Connecting Patients With Survivors

Here we enroll Cancer survivors as volunteers who would act as guides to Cancer patients/their family members. This is completely a voluntary activity and would require registration to ensure authenticity of both patients and volunteers. 

Patients would  be immensely benefited by this as they can learn the best practices & survival strategies. Do's and Dont's! For survivors this would provide immense intellectual satisfaction as they would have be helping in saving lives! 

If you are a patient or survivor please register using the link provided below.

Confidentiality of the information is of prime importance to us & rest be assured we would not be sharing the data with anyone. Only after a survivor shows interest in becoming a volunteer, it would be shared only with specific patient. Survivors & patients would have the independence of choosing what would be the preferred mode of communication viz - email/phone/forum. 

Go ahead and register now! Help us save more lives...

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