Volunteer Activities

Volunteer opportunities

The Data Harbinger

Collect data from survivors/family members of the diseased by leveraging our survey. Help us save more lives. Enroll today!

Fund Raiser

Fund raising is an important activity which helps in reaching out to new people. Here is your chance to make a difference. Enroll today!

Event Manager

We need volunteers who can help us manage our events including campaigns. Please express your interest and we would be glad to have you onboarded. Enroll today!

Life SAver

If you are a survivor and want to share your story/guide patients/their family members. Here is a great opportunity. Enroll today!

The Technocrat

If you are a information technology expert & would like to use your skills to help us with our IT infrastructure/Web management, here is the opportunity. Enroll today!

Subject Matter Expert

If you have subject matter expertise in cancer you can add lot of value. We urge you to volunteer to become a SME & help us spread right messages. Enroll today!

Other Activities

We have a host of other activities where you can contribute. This includes social media management, coordination with schools/colleges, identifying the beneficiaries, etc. Please enroll today to start contributing.

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